Strip Theatre is a co-operative ensemble with a focus on new writing. Plays often take a left-field approach to major historical events and contemporary culture. We strip away received notions by presenting sceptical, whimsical productions that encourage our audiences to laugh yet look afresh at accepted, popular ideologies. Productions are regularly characterised by their use of live music (always original scores developed by Strip), their skewed vision, their energy, and their simple yet effective transformations of spaces.

Since 2009, we’ve electrified audiences with Henry David’s plays; examining Art (in Self Portrait, where pre-conceived ideas of art are overturned when an artist gains everlasting immortality by shooting his brains onto a blank canvas); Medicine (in A Perfect Corpse, where an altruistic anatomist is ultimately compelled to dissect his lover and unborn child); War (in Principal Parts, which questions the heroism and sincerity of war by presenting the farcical tragedy which was the execution of Archduke Franz Ferdinand); and Religion (in Conversations with God / Prayer Meeting – By Henry and Isobel David, which considers the possibility of the character known as God genuinely answering your prayers).


The Posse.

Henry David (Artistic Director/Writer), Zoë Robinson (Producer), Isobel David (Director/Writer), Ray Brown (Artist), Beth Hipwell (Musical Director), Jonathan David (Editor and Chief), Ali Graham (Website), Lizzie Jackson, Jude Maynard (Costume).

Collaborators: For Believers Anonymous 2012: Holly Roughan (Director), Cordelia Lynn (Writer), Daisy Beattie (Designer) Guy Saunders (Image Artist). For Lean 2013: Chelsea Walker (Director), Isley Lynn (Writer), Holly Pigott (Designer)


Patrons and Benefactors.

Jonathan Altaras, Adie Lever, Nigel Davidson, Jeff Keep, Jude Maynard, Jonathan David, Simon Shore, Norman Stevenson, Ed Smith, Ed McHenry, Judy Sandamanallen, Alby Bailey, Holly Spooner, Aviva Le Provost, Ben Nicholson, Sue Wells, Sue Dunderdale, Bobby Hooper, Dave Watts, Francis Morley Fletcher, Hugh Fergie, Scott Clickman, Rob Severyn, Flo Hill, Hayley Denning, Max Ianeselli, Debbie McWilliams, Freddie Bessant, Rowena Wallace, David Mchenry, Robert Marsden, Stephen and Halema Robinson, Monica Robinson, Richard Griffiths. – To all a great thank you.