Jesus II

‘A sex doll dressed as Father Christmas, a converted stables, the Home Counties…it’s not exactly the nativity I expected.’

This seasonal rehash of the conventional nativity is an uproariously fun and fast paced tour of one family’s shambolic living room in the home counties.

It’s Christmas Eve at the Oliphants’ house – the phone lines are down, there is no brandy for the butter and a whiteout blizzard thunders outside. Played out against a score of original and witty songs, traditional festive plans are suddenly skewered by the auspicious arrival of a couple in need of shelter. Chaos turns to farce as the lounge becomes a haven of holiday havoc, and it appears that provincial hope and peace may be lost forever. The balance of domestic power is already fragile, the ensuing action questions whether even the most traditional Christmas can possibly be a merry one….

White Bear Theatre, Kennington – December 2011

Review: “A Christmas story that had this first-night audience laughing like drains”

Jesus II

Conversations With God

To recognize the 400-year anniversary of the King James Bible, Strip Theatre presents two short plays based on passages from the famous book. A Man and Our Woman explore the possibility of the character known as God genuinely answering your prayers. Two characters. Two problems. One Holy Ghost. Conversations with God questions the relationship between divine intervention and madness as these characters get more than they pray for. The plays will be accompanied by two readings from the Bible by Edward Petherbridge and an original score.

White Bear Theatre, Kennington – September 2011


Principal Parts

June 1914. Sarajevo. A group of theatrically inclined students plan to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Their actions trigger the bloodiest century the world has ever seen… Part Comedy, part tragedy, part musical, Principal Parts is the unwritten story of how the Black Hand Gang managed to change the world forever – A bumbled masquerade that uses madness, mothers and Molotov cocktails to show how easily a World War can be started.

– Vaso: “I’m not an assassin; I’m just obsessed with a woman who brings out the bratwurst in me… I’m mad. When I think about her I sweat. And… it smells of her. Am I in love?”

Curtain Up Theatre, Baron’s Court – July 2011
Network Theatre, Waterloo – July 2011
C Venues, Edinburgh – August 2011


 Principle Parts


Perfect Corpse

A Perfect Corpse

Some things are best left uncut, but when it comes the human body Dr Proctor disagrees. Set in 1829, ‘A Perfect Corpse’ follows devoted anatomist Thomas Proctor in his search for both medical enlightenment and a place in the history books of dissection. Sickness, murder, family life and opium combine in a toxic cocktail as the doctor soon realizes medicine and morals don’t mix.

– Proctor: “There are only two women in my life. And I prefer to think of them with their clothes on. You’ll soon learn that sex and anatomy aren’t easily mixed… Taken at the same time they can be quite dangerous.”

“Thomas Proctor is in search of his perfect corpse. Just like him, Fringe theatre-goers are in search of their perfect show. This is it, a meticulous production. It cannot be missed – ” (The Stage Review 2010)

Rosemary Branch, Islington – July 2010
Spaces on the Mile @ the Radisson, Edinburgh – August 2010


Self Portrait: ‘A Farse about Art’.

Leonard Goose, a once prominent art dealer, is coming to the end of his reign on top. He is unsure, unsatisfied and possibly impotent. Things get worse when his nemesis pays a visit, his secretary takes her clothes off, a guide dog is murdered and his estranged son has an idea that will “blow your mind out”.

– Detective White: “By hearing ye shall hear and not understand; and by seeing you shall see, and shall not perceive.”

John Thaw Studio, Manchester – April/May 2009

Self Portrait